Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I arrived in Koblenz yesterday and am staying with a wonderful family, the Schulzes (Dieter and Tina, and their daughter Laura). I will post a picture of them sometime. I didn't see much of the city yesterday, but today I accompanied Dieter to his office and then walked around the city core a little bit and the riverfront.

This is the Koblenz Rathaus, or City Building, where Dieter works in the environmental/energy department. It used to be a monastery, and part of it still is. It is on one side of a nice square with a fountain and is in the Altstadt, the old part of the city where there are a lot of shops and restaurants, as well as old buildings.

Koblenz is famous for being located on "Das Deutsches Eck", the German corner, which is the confluence of the Rhein and Mosel rivers. This is a monument of some king on the corner. It's quite huge, with two sets of steps that lead up to the statue.

This is the Balduinsbruecke, a very beautiful stone arch bridge on the Mosel River.

And finally, this the Schulzes' apartment building. The apartment itself is quite spacious and has two balconies, one of which looks onto the Rhein, which is only about 100 ft. from the building.

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  1. Wow, Mark! Those statues sure could kick Alma Mater's butt...