Sunday, September 13, 2009

Castle and Roman Aqueduct

Even though I'm still a little sick, I had enough energy today to go visit a castle from the Middle Ages and a Roman Aqueduct, both of which are close to Koblenz. The castle is called Stolzenfels ("Proud Cliff") and was built atop Roman ruins in the 1200s and has since been used as a sort of retreat for kings and princes.Here is an up-close view of the castle. Unfortunately we weren't allowed inside because it is being renovated.This is a view from above of the castle's STABLE. Wtf? In the Middle Ages, even the horses had an effin' castle! I want a castle!
Here's yours truly in front of the castle doors. They're just lucky I left my battering ram in my other pants.
As usual, I can't resist the urge to get artsy-fartsy with my camera. These flowers at the castle were really beautiful, and, luckily, it had just rained.
Here is my group and I at a very old Roman Aqueduct. If I remember correctly, it is about 1800 years old! It's interesting that the Romans built it here -- it doesn't serve the city Koblenz, and we also don't know where it ends. It was probably used as a resting point for military units. Also, it is very close to the Rhein River. However, apparently river water wasn't good enough for the Romans, so they built this aqueduct to get fresh spring water. I wonder if they bottled it and sold it for an exorbitant price as well?
Here we are in the aqueduct! Unlike other Roman aqueducts, this one is below ground. I forgot why, but I think that they wanted it to remain completely undisturbed for some reason.And here I am climbing out. Afterwards we went to a festival in a nearby village called Rhens and had some homemade cake and local wine.

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